Monday, March 23, 2009


Hello, internet! Welcome to the official blogging home of Front Row Center, a place where film fans can take movies seriously for once.

Ever since July 2007, the Front Row Center podcast has undergone a number of changes. What started as a two-man operation by Joe and Trent quickly grew into a podcasting trio. A lineup change in November 2007 resulted in Watson's permanent addition to the show. This team still hosts the podcast to this very day. We recorded an hour-long podcast once a week until May of 2008, when college graduation and moving to different cities necessitated a different approach.

Today, Joe Trent and Watson reconvene Wednesday nights, every two weeks to talk about current and classic movies on TalkShoe.

It's our hope that this site will allow us to each share our own thoughts on movies outside of the biweekly broadcast. Also, we've got a message board that you can access over in our links section, as well as a link to our podcast.

Welcome! And may the best movie win!

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