Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Films That Make You Go "Ugh"

If you've listened to any episode of our podcast, you've probably heard us mention one of these films before.

Sometimes there's a film whose intentions are admirable, but for one reason or another, the thing never connects like they should. You admire the filmmakers for trying, but the final product just doesn't work. These films aren't necessarily bad, but they certainly aren't any good. They're just films that make you go, "Ugh."

"Ugh" at their sheer ineptitude, bad taste, poor production value, or a myriad of other issues.

This is a series devoted to exposing those films in the hope that you, the reader, will be all the wiser the next time you visit Blockbuster, sign on to NetFlix, or even if you're just watching TV. I encourage everyone (including Trent and Watson) to join me in bringing these films to light so that we may mock them communally. So if you've got a film that makes you go "Ugh", let us know, and we'll feature it in a later post.

These are films that make you go "Ugh".

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